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Hi ~ my name is Stephanie. My family and I live in Mount Vernon. My husband, Dave, and I both grew up in Burlington, and when we had children we were excited to start exploring this beautiful area with them!

Of course, Skagit County has grown since we were young, and I found that it was difficult to locate information on the activities that my family and I wanted to do, see, participate in, etc. The information I was searching for was spread across so many different websites, that it would take me forever just to look up which pool had open swim times or where to find a local pumpkin patch!

When my girls began school a whole new set of problems arose. Which preschool should I send them to? I didn't know if I was finding all of them because several didn’t even have a website. How do I sign the girls up for soccer? I actually missed soccer registration TWO years in a row, because I didn’t know when it was! Obviously, a lot of the information out there is still found by good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

A plan began to form to pull all of the information for families in Skagit County together in one easy-to-use resource for parents. I wanted to include everything you could possibly do with your kids, right here where we live. No articles on how to raise your kids, no recipes or crafts, just a simple way to get to the information that you are looking for every day. After a year of planning and developing a website, Skagit Kid Insider was born!

Just so you know, all of the family activities on this website are listed FREE of charge, so that you can trust you will find EVERYTHING you need here on Skagit Kid Insider. I am also hoping that by doing this it will help our local, family-friendly businesses grow. It’s definitely a Win-Win!

Skagit Kid Insider is made possible by advertising, and I would not be able to put the thousands of hours into it that I have over the years without my advertising client's support. Please thank the businesses you see advertising on the pages of this website when you go into their establishments and let them know that you appreciate them! They keep Skagit Kid Insider up and running!!

I would truly appreciate it if you would share Skagit Kid Insider with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and anyone else you can think of.  Do you know a business owner that would benefit by advertising here?  Please tell them about me! If you have anything to add I would love to hear from you. Feel free to use the “Contact Us” link at the top or bottom of the page to send me a note.

Please use Skagit Kid Insider as your local resource to discover events, activities and businesses in Skagit County for your family because we've always got the local scoop and where to play! It's just that simple.

Enjoy Your Day!!


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